Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Tell it to SunStar: Hope is a good thing

I WOULD like to share the message of a movie I saw. It was based on the book written by Stephen King titled, “Shawshank Redemption” and starred Morgan Freeman. Although this was fiction, I believe the author based his novel on a true event.

The movie was about a jailbreak perpetrated by Andy Dupree after about 20 years of incarceration. After he successfully escaped, he wrote Red, Freeman’s character, that hope is a good thing.

I agree that hope is a good thing. Imagine, I repeatedly studied the Bible for almost 40 years with the hope that one day I can influence the world to change for the better.

The corrupt warden in the movie was a Bible reader. But despite that, he was still corrupt. Dupree tried to impress him by using the Bible, too, memorizing important verses. The warden was impressed and came to trust him.

In an inspection on Andy’s cell, the warden took from Andy his Bible but returned it after inspection saying, “Take care of this book. Your salvation is in it.” I smiled at the irony.

The hammer Andy used to gradually bore a hole through the concrete wall of his cell was hidden between the Bible’s pages.

The message of hope never dies. Just like my hope after about 40 years and before I die to help change the world for the better.--Chito E. Germino