Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Another barangay leader in Cebu City shot dead

CEBU. The motorbike used by the assailant of former barangay councilor Glen Mark Manal. (Photo by Alan Tangcawan/Superbalita Cebu)

A FORMER barangay councilor who ran for barangay captain of Lorega San Miguel, Cebu City was shot last night as he was heading home from a wake.

Glen Mark Manal did not make it to the hospital.

His assailant, who was aboard a motorcycle could not be identified.

The motorcycle was found abandoned behind a commercial strip at the North Reclamation Area.

Manal ran for barangay captain in Lorega San Miguel in the May 2018 barangay elections but lost.

Sources close to SunStar Cebu said that a month before the barangay elections, Manal was summoned to the Parian police station because his name was said to be in the narco list.

Whether he showed up could not be ascertained.

Manal's house had been the subject of an anti-drug raid.

His father is in jail on drug charges. (MPS)