Monday, September 24, 2018

Fresh all over

IT’S a no-brainer to reach for your favorite cologne or perfume if you need to smell good, but what about those areas that perfume won’t quite work? Here are a few essentials to make sure you stay fresh all over.


Sometimes, only brushing your teeth is not enough, especially if you had some yummy garlic pizza for lunch. Wash and gargle after brushing to kill more bacteria that cause bad breath. I personally prefer using Swish mouthwash because it’s free of alcohol. I find that those with alcohol are so strong that they actually make my gums sting and eyes water. No thanks!

Dry shampoo

Technically, you can make cologne or perfume work for your hair. Just don’t spray it directly on your strands because the alcohol can be drying. Instead, spritz the perfume onto your hands first, clap a couple of times to dissipate the alcohol, then smooth fingers through your hair. If you are in between shampoo days or need to be somewhere after going to the gym, try dry shampoo instead. I’ve tried at least five dry shampoos and this one by Toni and Guy is my favorite so far in the spray (not powder) format. It doesn’t leave hair sticky or heavy like other dry shampoos can.


If you’re part of the tiny percentage of the population that doesn’t need deodorant, I envy you. Mortals like myself have to use deodorant daily. I’ve been using Nivea Extra Whitening deodorant for years now and it has really faded my skin discoloration caused by shaving and using too-harsh deodorants before.

Feminine wash

We all know by now that douching the feminine area is old-fashioned and inconvenient. Most of us rely on feminine wipes while on the go, or feminine wash in the shower. Human Nature’s feminine wash is coconut-based, pH balanced, and free of parabens and synthetic fragrances. It comes in four soothing varieties, including one specifically for red days. Good news: It’s cheaper than many feminine washes in the market, and contains no harmful chemicals whatsoever.