Monday July 23, 2018

Ledesma: Leni can dream


THE only way to stop President Rodrigo Duterte from giving up his post next year is scare the wits of him by warning that Leni Robredo had declared she is ready to take the helms of the government and re-impose Noynoy Aquino's Daang Matuwid. That should reboot the patriotic fervor of the President. Imagine where she will lead us if Duterte will give up on the people’s mandate. Shortly after she made that unabash declaraion, she bravely made a statement that she will now rally the opposition against the Duterte administration.

True enough Duterte made a complete u-turn saying that he will not step down if Leni will take his place in Malacañang. It’s not for anything except that he thinks that Ms. Robredo is patently incompetent to run the government.

Can’t blame the president for saying so. The VP is displaying and articulating her incompetence in every turn.

Take it from where President Duterte is coming from. On the issue of drugs, their stand is a funny and an absurd contradiction. Duterte wages an all-out war against drug syndicates while Robredo surfaced from somewhere and proposed to decriminalize drug use.SEE MORE