Monday July 23, 2018

Food tripping in Sydney: What to eat and where to go

DO YOU want to taste a slice of summer?

Today's food-centric culture has taken us to another level. Transforming the ordinary to extraordinary, it has created grubs that are out if this world. What better way to experience this than with desserts.

Recently, I went to a world famous patisserie in Sydney, Australia - Black Pastry Shop. Situated within the KinoKuniya bookstore at the Galleries, I would say it is the best go-to after a tiring book hunt. Watermelon in a cake might sound pretty weird but it is worth a try. Here's my take on their desserts.

1. Vegan Chocolate Popcorn

Want to indulge without the guilt? This dairy free cake is perfect. It looks pretty and it tastes like it too. Although it has a fudgy brownie texture, I still enjoyed its combination with salted caramel popcorn and dried raspberries. The glazed cocoa syrup compensates its slight dryness.

2. Raspberry Lychee Cake

Fun and light and a bit sentimental, this cake is built on love and a bunch of cuteness. The base is made of a chocolate biscuit layered with vanilla ice cream and raspberry marshmallow. Topped with lychees and raspberries, it brings a subtle hint of freshness and sweetness to it that you will love.SEE MORE