Wednesday August 15, 2018

Carigara attempts Guinness’ largest participants in folk dance

LEYTE. Teachers Myda Ibañez and Leandro Presbitero of Carigara, Leyte are just two of the nearly 5,000 pairs of dancers who participated in a folk dance show on Saturday, July 14, as their town attempted to make it to the Guinness World Records for the “Largest Numbers of Philippine Folk Dancers (Kuratsa Dance).” (Photo courtesy of Myda Ibañez)

SATURDAY, July 14, saw the streets of Carigara in Leyte filled with nearly 5,000 pairs of dancers clad in colorful kimona and camisa de chino as the town attempted to make into the Guinness World Records for the “Largest Numbers of Philippine Folk Dancers (Kuratsa Dance).”

The event, which was part of the town’s 423rd fiesta celebration on July 16, brought “pride” and “excitement” to the locals, saying it helped boost their tourism and economic activities.

“We practiced for two hours since June 27. We, the teachers handling Music, Arts, Physical Education and Health (MAPEH) subject, were tapped to train students and residents in the barangays,” said 36-year-old teacher Myda Ibañez.

“This is the first in the history of Carigara. All agencies participated,” 45-year-old mother and teacher Veronica Loreño told Sunstar Philippines.

“Even husbands of teachers are to participate in the dance. We shortened our classes for our daily practice,” added Loreño, following an order from their local government unit.

Since her husband was busy with his job, Loreño said she had her 15-year-old son as the dance partner.

Majority of the reported 4,821 pairs of dancers who joined were students and teachers from the two school districts in Carigara, Jugaban National High School, Carigara National Vocational School, Carigara National High School, Eastern Visayas State University-Carigara campus, Holy Cross College of Carigara, municipal workers, the private sector, and ordinary residents.

WATCH: Video by Gualberto Ortula Jr.

Our Road to Guinness.. #proudCarigaran.On! #kuratsamayor!

Posted by Gualberto Jr Ortula on Saturday, July 14, 2018

The said event will also be aired in a special Jessica Soho TV news magazine show on GMA 7 network.

Kuratsa or Curacha, a Filipino traditional “dance of courtship” where the male approaches and courts a lady in a form of a dance, is very popular in different parts of the Philippines, particularly among the Waray people in the Visayas.