FIRST. Lucas Matthysse comes out aggressively, firing on all cylinders in the first three rounds. Manny Pacquiao fends off the feral attacks by using later movement and spearing in some jabs and left straights by way of counters. Matthysse however lands his fair share of clubbing right hands and hooks and snaps Manny’s head back on a few occasions.

In the fourth, the champion’s pace seems to slow down gradually and Manny starts to increase his activity. The middle rounds are close but it seems like the tide is beginning to turn as Manny outlands Matthysse.

However just before the bell rings to end the eighth round, Matthysse pins Manny in the corner and lands a one-two that momentarily stuns the Pacman, forcing him to clinch.

Matthysse’s second wind brings with it a renewed arsenal of combinations that has Manny flummoxed in the championship rounds.

The old warrior struggles to find his legs and lands blistering combinations in the final two rounds, but somehow Matthysse weathers the storm and soldiers on, backing Manny up.

The bell rings with both men on their feet. The verdict is close but Matthysse edges it with a split decision victory.

SECOND. The first few rounds are close with brief exchanges interspersed among lulls in the action. Things heat up in the fourth as Manny lands a left straight and Matthysse counters with a straight right.

The pattern continues until the 8th as both fighters are seemingly conserving their energy for a late push.

Matthysse however runs out of gas as Manny is the more active fighter in the championship rounds.

In the end, the judges give the nod to Manny in a lacklustre bout via unanimous decision.

THIRD. Manny starts out like a house on fire. Eager to redeem himself for that tepid effort against Jeff Horn, he boxes beautifully and brillantly, seemingly landing at will against the ponderous Matthysse.

By the middle rounds, the Argentine champion is cut and fading. Manny ends matters masterfully with a beautifully placed left uppercut in the 9th thrown with so much torque and causing so much damage that Matthysse is out on his feet.

LAST ROUND. It’s on Mommy Nimfa Tero who recently celebrated her birthday. Cheers!