Thursday August 16, 2018

Guagua West District to host district conference this July

THE Guagua West District will be hosting its district schools press conference this July to determine the representatives in the next level of competition in the road to the national schools press conference in the elementary level.

Some 19 private and public schools in the area will compete in the said event. The district conference is a qualifier for student journalists who would like to compete in the division level of the conference which is a yearly competition in the rudiments of journalism writing from news, feature and sports writing among others.

This leads to the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) which is the highest competition for journalism for both private schools and public elementary and high schools in the Philippines.

The journalism contest starts in the provincial level with the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC), where the top three to seven in each category depending on the size of the certain region qualifies to the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC), and from which the top three will be chosen to represent their respective regions in the NSPC.

Collaborative media categories like radio broadcasting and desktop publishing are also anticipated events in the competition.