Wednesday August 15, 2018

Expressing with Emojis

IF you haven’t heard yet, today is World Emoji Day. Yes, even emojis have their special day too which only makes it fitting because in today’s digital era, emojis are the new age of communication. The use of emojis have become so popular especially among millennials and here are five reasons why.

Emojis speak louder than words

In the virtual world where one can’t seem to express his thoughts well with words, sometimes emojis can already speak for themselves. Emojis help amplify what one is trying to convey since some represent human emotions. Other than that, emojis are a fun way to communicate with family and friends in a creative manner.

Emojis create stories

Emojis not only represent human emotions alone but they illustrate places, objects and much more. For visual enthusiasts who are fond of creating stories through pictures, but in this case, with the use of emojis, it’s a fun way to tell stories. It’s up to the author’s creativity on how he would present these emojis in such a way that they portray a storyline.

Emojis are a form of entertainment

Emojis spice up any conversation and make the group chat feel more alive than ever. Using emojis when communicating is more engaging than applying none. Without a doubt, emojis play a significant role in the digital age as they provide delight and entertainment to people, especially millennials.

Emojis are straightforward

A single emoji already makes sense compared to a single word. Less is more in today’s virtual world and emojis provide the precision one needs, also making them a recommended social media strategy. No questions asked. No explanation needed. It’s just that emojis have the power to communicate a thousand words with little.

Emojis transmit happiness

Nothing brings joy quite like emojis when communicating. Aside from them being visually appealing, emojis instantly give a positive vibe to everyone who uses them. They easily transmit happiness with a million fun ways one can make use of emojis. From creating one’s personal code using emojis to creatively expressing one’s emotions, emojis communicate happiness that words can’t.