Wednesday August 15, 2018

#tell_it_to_sunstar: Questions and challenges

CHITO Germino posed interesting talking points in the article “Religious Questions.” I will answer the questions he raised and direct my own towards him. Hopefully he will answer these questions.

He is right in saying that the Bible is important, but does he know where the Bible came from? It did not fall from the sky in its present form. I challenge him to tell me what he thinks of the origins of the Bible.

Germino said that God should come down even once to introduce and endorse the group He wants. Well, God already came down when He became man in Jesus Christ. That is the central reality of the Bible. And He instituted a Church in Matthew 16, “..on this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of Hell will not prevail against it.”

He bases his entire premise of a “true religion” on James 1:27 and asks why it is not being taught. In the Catholic Church, the Church established by Christ, that verse is read at least every year on the Wednesday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time.

The Catholic Church fulfills the mandate of James 1:27 of taking care of the least fortunate because it is the largest charitable organization, and the largest non-government provider of health care and education. Furthermore, it cares for man’s soul, applying to people God’s grace and forgiveness, hence fulfilling the need to “remain undefiled by the world” in James 1:27.

I ask Mr. Germino again, and I hope he answers me in this forum, since you base all your opinions on the Bible, where does the Bible come from? -Gerard Biagan

A warning

Big waves have been lashing at the shorelines of the cities of Cebu and and Talisay and local government officials must act early and find ways to soften the impact of the waves, as these have destroyed some houses already.--Joy Dymsing