Friday, October 19, 2018

Lawmaker backs acquisition of plastic molding machines

BAGUIO City Representative Marquez Go committed to support possible plans of the city government to acquire plastic molding machines which can convert recyclable plastic waste materials into usable products like plastic chairs, tables and alike.

During the weekly Talakayan sa Environment Code, Go reiterated for the city to identify what it needs in order to use recyclable waste plastic materials.

“We need to identify the kind of plastics that we have in the city and probably buy an equipment to process these plastics into whatever finishing products that we want and for them to be sold to other manufacturers of plastics for us to recycle it,” Go said.

Cordelia Lacsamana, City Environment and Parks Management Office head, in previous Talakayan’s, identified 50 percent of the solid waste materials being produced in the city are coming from plastic materials.

Plastic molding machines maybe an alternative method for the city government to use for the 50 percent plastic solid waste it produces on a daily basis.

“I would be willing to support this move and ask the support of other agencies through this representation to fund this kind of project. It’s just a matter of what we want to do,” Go stated.

Environment Management Bureau Cordillera Director Reynaldo Degamo have earlier explained such alternative as a welcome development to look for ways on how to re-use plastic waste generated in the city.

Plastic forming machine, or plastic molding machine is developed on the basis of rubber machinery and metal die-casting machine.

Since the polymer injection molding process and molding equipment in the 1870s, as an industry, plastic forming machines were rapidly developed until the 1930s, with the gradual commercialization of plastic molding equipment, injection molding and extrusion molding became the most common industrialized processing methods.

“We have a lot of institutions and the national government can do a lot of funding for this project. I can work it out with Secretary Roy Cimatu to include this measure in the budget of the DENR in support of the program of the city,” Go added.