MANILA -- Road rage murder suspect Jason Aguilar Ivler is wanted in the United States for his failure to appear in court to face drugs charges, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) said Tuesday.

NBI Regional Director Ricardo Diaz, chief of NBI Counter-Terrorism Unit, said the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) furnished the NBI a document showing that Ivler has an outstanding bench warrant issued by the Justice’s Court of Canal Township in Nevada.

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Diaz said the FBI furnished the NBI a copy of the document upon his request for a background check on Ivler.

“A search of the FBI’s National Crime Information Center and Computerized Criminal History database was conducted relative to subject Jason Aguilar Ivler, born in the US, January 7, 1982. The search yielded positive results,” Diaz quoted the FBI’s document as saying.

Diaz also quoted the report: “Jason Aguilar Ivler is wanted by the Nevada Highway Patrol, Reno, Nevada for failure to appear in court over drug charges.”

The date of the warrant (bench), according to the FBI report, is September 9, 2009.

“The bench warrant remains outstanding. Ivler is facing charges for possessing Fluni–trazepam, a sedative drug,” said Diaz.

The FBI report, according to Diaz, puts to rest the myths regarding Ivler.

“The Jason Ivler who is wanted in the State of Nevada, particularly by the Nevada Highway Patrol, fits the description of the Jason Aguilar Ivler, who was tagged for the November 18, 2009 killing of Renato Victor Ebarle Jr. like the age, the height and the weight,” he said, adding that this explains why Ivler is no longer in the US service and why he is in the Philippines.

Diaz said Ivler will first face his charges here in the country before he will be deported to the US to face his case there.

Ivler is also facing charges of one count each of direct assault with frustrated murder and attempted murder in connection with the January 18 shootout in Blue Ridge Quezon City that resulted in the wounding of two NBI officers.

His mother singer-writer Marlene Aguilar was also charged as accomplice.

The charges were filed before the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office on Tuesday afternoon.

NBI Director Nestor Mantaring said the assault with frustrated murder charge was for the wound inflicted on Special Investigator Anna Lira Labao of the Intelligence Services. The direct assault with attempted murder, on the other hand, was for the wound inflicted on Lawyer Angelito Magno, chief of special Action Unit (SAU).

Aside from these charges, Ivler is also facing illegal possession of firearms charge, which Mantaring said has been absorbed in the assault complaint.

The NBI also summoned Ivler’s stepfather, British Stephen Pollard, economic consultant at the Asian Development Bank, to appear at the probe bureau for questioning on Thursday to shed light into the incident.

“He (Stephen Pollard) is not yet off the hook,” said Mantaring.

Ivler was arrested for the killing of Ebarle Jr., son of Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr., during a traffic altercation in Quezon City last November 18.

Earlier, ballistic tests conducted by the NBI revealed that the caliber .45 pistol used by Ivler during the shootout with law enforcers is the same gun allegedly used in the killing of Ebarle.

It further showed that he both fired the caliber .45 pistol and M16 rifle when he traded shots with the NBI operatives.

Mantaring said the result of the ballistic examination would bolster the murder charges filed against Ivler, the firearms used and the slugs will serve as additional evidence. (PNA/JCV/Sunnex)