Friday August 17, 2018

Quick Hits 20

Wacky Tech

LET'S make it a quick one as we’re chug on to the end of July.

Those hot, new Macbook Pros

Literally, hot. Well, so far, at least the ones with the i9 chips are having problems with heat dissipation. I’ve seen a few YouTube videos that basically highlights the problem. I’m not surprised really considering how thin Apple’s current line-up of Macbook Pros are. Thin may be good for portability, mobility and overall looks. But when you slap in a powerful processor chip inside, that chip will generate so much heat when cranked up. Because the laptop’s thinner than a 23-inch waist line, there’s not much space for air to flow around to help dissipate the heat. The result, so much heat building up inside that the i9 chip throttles down to a slower speed.

And that throttling is what’s killing the i9 15-inch Macbook Pro. How can a professional user take advantage of all that processing power when it throttles down because everything’s too hot for comfort.

Watch this video from Max Yuryev.

AI & Autism

Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be dipping its toes on pretty much everything these days. According to this article, it can now help in screening faster for autism. But faster doesn’t always mean better. But I think the operative word here is “help.” AI for detecting autism should just be a tool to help. I think there’s a danger if AI becomes the only tool used and whatever results it churns out are to be believed. In the end, a human element needs to be present. After all, autism is a human condition and not something to be dealt with just with a machine.

You can read more about it from this article by The Atlantic.

Measure distance and area in Google Earth

In a recent update made by Google to Google Earth for iOS, a measurement tool has been added to the app. Google Earth made the announcement in a blog post. Things are really gonna get handy and convenient for Google Earth users on iOS. You’ll never have to wonder from now on how far it is from your house to the nearest Jollibee store.

Check out the article by 9 to 5 Mac here.