LEADING in medical healthcare, Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH) added another top of the line equipment, this time, in its Obstetrics and Gynecology department – the Fetal Telemetry System and Fetal and Maternal Monitor.

Considered first of its kind in the Philippines, the modern Telemetry System was provided by Edan - a China based company.

DDH invested in this technology to provide excellent healthcare services in the region.

“One of the goals of the hospital is to provide the best facilities for patient care and this can be made possible by upgrading our facilities. With the acquisition of those new medical devices, DDH could serve our patients better,” said Dr. Elmer M. Chua, MD, FPOGS, FSUOG, FPSMFM.

Jenny Zhan, Edan’s Obstetrics and Gynecology product manager, said the device is a top technology in obstetrics and gynecology, recognized globally especially for medical institutions with a huge patient flow.

The fetal and maternal monitor has central monitoring system and wireless transducers. It is a centralized workstation aiming to improve the monitoring experience for both the healthcare provider and mom.

“This is a revolutionary product which changes significantly the way fetal monitoring examination from the bedside to centralization, bringing a streamlined workflow into clinical daily routine, with this system, the hospital can cater around 12 patients at a time.” Zhan said.

Patients can move freely even when monitored. Enabling the hospital to be more efficient and competitive, the fetal telemetry system offers comfortable and seamless fetal monitoring for antepartum and intrapartum clinical needs.”

“The telemetry system saves nurses’ time from running back and forth to different beds. It helps their work become more convenient and efficient. Generally, the device really makes a good reputation for both the healthcare provider and the patients,” Zhan shared.

Zhan added that with the new and advance technology, patients are happier and more comfortable with the services. Women who are with high-risk pregnancies also feel safer and more secured with the new devices.

Zhan also revealed that since Edan launched these modern products in 2017, the number of orders has been increasing because medical institutions viewed these devices as necessary and helpful for their efficient operation.

This latest milestone of DDH is a remarkable move in the healthcare industry in the Philippines. DDH and Edan are indeed partners in bringing innovation and value together to improve healthcare services and human condition.