KIDS say the darndest things indeed, but I think boxers can’t be too far behind.

Interviews with fighters are oftentimes interesting- whether they are trying to hype up an upcoming fight, or trying to collect their thoughts after a brutal fight has taken place.

There is a certain appeal to the public when a fighter shares his thoughts as we get to see a glimpse of the mental aspect of things.

BLOW BLOW. For a while in the amusement metric I thought Bobby Pacquiao’s post-fight interview after the Hector Velasquez fight in 2006 would be unbeatable.

Look it up on YouTube and you will see him repeatedly denying that he landed a “blow-blow” several times to the interviewer. It cracks me up everytime I watch it.

But lately there is a new contender on the amusement horizon and this one is courtesy of newly crowned interim WBA featherweight champion Jhack Tepora.

It’s been making the rounds in social media platforms.

I’ve been a fan of Tepora since the first time I saw him throw laser-like left hands that sounded like ballistic missiles being launched.

I knew then that it was a matter of time before he would become a world champion.

But today’s column will not be about fistic bombs he unleashed bur rather about what he hilariously spewed out in an interview.

When asked what he thought about the fact that both President Duterte and the Prime Minister of Malaysia were attending the fight, Tepora nonchalantly answered that he was going to win because “nanan-aw mga dagkong t*e!” with a matching grin to boot.

Gut-busting stuff indeed guys especially because the reference to excrement was contextually not to be taken in the literal sense but was instead meant to convey the eminence of the personalities involved.

Which got me to thinking about how curious Cebuano humor can get. Why do we use fecal matter as a reference to one’s importance or rank? Bawdy humor of course unites people in certain ways, as it compensates for something and delivers a powerful message to those who can appreciate it.

The delivery was tongue-in-cheek of course, but I guess fighters deserve some leeway and can get away with a lot of things on camera.

Congratulations Jhack! You really nailed it big-time.

LAST ROUND.It’s on Reno Bacolod who recently celebrated his birthday. Cheers!