WHEN Zambales-born businessman Fernando Escaño plied his copra venture in the Visayas, little did he dream that he would find his lady love in the person of charming Agustina Faelnar of Malitbog, Southern Leyte. The loving union produced more than 12 children. Well, this was eons go, and these children married and soon generations were born.

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Today, we trace some of these Escaño direct lines and feature them: Don Mamerto Escaño, Marciana E. Jones, Teresa E. Garcia, Agustina E. Aberasturi, Paz E. Corominas, Bernabela E. Sala, Justina E. Gonzalez, Lorenzo, and Nemesio.

The Escaño clan had always been a cultural and musical family, and tradition shows that the patriarch presented annual zarzuelas in Malitbog, most famous of which was “La Viuda Alegre”.

This tradition continues today, when this generation celebrates regular reunions, with a central musical theme. Past musicals—like Oklahoma, West Side Story, South Pacific, Cabaret, Annie, Showboat, etc.—showcase the talent of the family, who produce and perform them.

This year with the Mamma Mia theme, the Casino Español de Cebu was transformed into a village with the backdrop of the patriarchal Malitbog mansion onstage. A perfect setting, no? After cocktails and how-are-you greetings, the clan had a sumptuous dinner at the Salon de España, and sat back, relaxed and were transported to Broadway. What a show!

Kudos go to the brains and brawn of the event, Tico Aldanese and Monmon Escaño!