THE Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) assured that no dairy products in China found to be contaminated with melamine are registered and being sold in the country.

FDA director Nazarita Tacandong said that based on their records, the products of the five China companies being investigated for melamine contamination should not be found in Philippine market because they are not registered with the agency.

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The five firms are Shanghai Panda Dairy Co., Shoanxi Jingjao Dairy Co.; Shandong Zibu Lusaier Dairy Co. Ltd.; Liaoning Tielling Wuzhou Food Co. Ltd., and Laoting Kaida Refrigeration Plan.

She added that the FDA already coordinated with the Bureau of Customs on this imported products from these firms.

Chinese authorities have ordered the recall of some dairy and milk products of these companies after they were found contaminated with melamine, a toxic substance used to enhance the protein content.

Two years ago, Chinese milk and dairy products were recalled here as well as in US and other countries abroad after six infants died while some 300,000 others have fallen ill.

Last week, China had imposed the death penalty to two men accused of being responsible for the scandal while another one was sentenced to life imprisonment.

But according to Tacandong, FDA inspectors are checking on grocery stores and other food outlets as a precautionary measures in case the tainted products have been smuggled into the country.

“So far, nothing had been found ….. But if anyone can find any of these products in the market, I hope they can report to the FDA for appropriate actions,” Tacandong added. (MSN/Sunnex)