EXPECTEDLY, Mikey Garcia looked impressive in dismantling Robert Easter Jr. over the weekend in 12 rounds to earn a unanimous decision verdict.

Consequently, he has unified the WBC and IBF lightweight diadems.

Garcia has also won world titles at featherweight, junior lightweight and lightweight, and junior welterweight to join legends Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez in winning world titles at 126, 130, 135 and 140 pounds.

Speaking of the Pacman, Garcia naturally became a potential opponent because he has not only the championship hardware but because a fight between these two would typically be a barnburner, style-wise.

KHAN. But the noise that just won’t go away has been a fighter he has traded blows with for countless rounds already but never in an official professional fight- former sparring partner Amir Khan (32-4, 20 KOs) Last April Khan made sure he was still relevant and in the mix with a 1st round stoppage of Phil Lo Greco.

But more than Khan’s recent accomplishments or ring exploits which makes him a viable- or rather intriguing prospect as a Pacquiao opponent, will be his familiarity of Pacquiao.

Having sparred with him for years, he knows the little nuances that goes on when you are up against Pacquiao.

He is familiar with those stutter steps, those head feints, and has felt his power.

Remember what Freddie Roach revealed about the sparring sessions between these two? “Amir gets Manny early but Manny gets him early.” Interesting prospect when you consider that Manny’s speed isn’t what it used to be when he was at his peak.

VIABLE. The only drawback to this matchup will be the financial viability. Amir doesn’t exactly have a gargantuan fan base and he holds no belts.

For this fight to gain traction, this will have to be marketed based on the intrigue factor more than anything else.

The undefeated Garcia would be a sterner test but fighting him makes much more sense financially with his Latino fan base, while Khan would play the spoiler role with Manny counting down to his last few remaining fights before he hangs up his gloves.

LAST ROUND. It’s on the UP Latagaw Latagaw Brotherhood, which recently celebrated its 46th anniversary. In HBST brods, cheers!