CONTINUING from yesterday's (Wednesday) piece, I also remember this story about who is better at the game of "solicitation".

Accordingly, there was this big convention of police officers once at a hotel in Baguio. All policemen and women of all ranks were gathered in the hotel for the conference. Once a Baguio police inspector rode the elevator to his room, he was brimming from ear to ear because he was able to successfully "solicit" from an underling. The solicitation was supposed to cover for the drinks of his fellow inspectors who were his batchmates in school later that evening.

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Just as the doors of the elevator were closing, a police general suddenly thrust his hand into the cabin preventing the lift from closing. Striding inside the police general had a very serious look until his eyes chanced upon the police inspector.

A few floors later the door of the elevator opens to show the police inspector without his grin and scratching his head in consternation. Meanwhile the police general was brimming from ear to ear.

Again before the doors of the lift could close another hand stopped it. In rode a reporter with the quintessential tape recorder ready at hand.

Another few floors later the doors open to reveal the police general stepping out and scratching his head.


There is another story which was told right after the Fil-Am golf tournament.

This one heard from lawyer Ed Avila.

The story goes that three men were having a round of golf to assess their performance during the Fil-Am. The first was a doctor, the second was a lawyer and the third was a politician.

The doctor teed off first at hole one. His shot was off heading to the left of the fairway into the rough. Everybody was shouting "Kick right! Kick right! Kick right!" to coax the ball.

Then it was the lawyer's turn. As he hit the ball, his drive was going to the right of the fairway and will surely land on the sand trap. Everyone watching started shouting: "Kick left! Kick left! Kick left" to no avail.

Finally it was the politician's turn. Aiming carefully so as not to suffer the fate of his flight mates, he swung his driver hitting the ball right at the center sending the ball straight to the green. Alas, the drive was a little too strong and everyone knew it was going to over shoot the cup by yards.

It was at this time everybody started shouting: "Kick back! Kick back! Kick back"


What can I say, there are really times when you can't find anything worthy to write about. Or in this case not enough strength to find a worthy topic.