HE HAS long been advocating for the very cheap but effective means of disposing biodegradable.

Composting in our very own backyard is the way to go in reducing the amount of garbage hauled out of Baguio. It likewise helps the environment minimize the amount of noxious chemicals which seep through the soil or the atmosphere said Loakan-Liwanag Punong Barangay Fred Fangonan, in his book which was launched Monday.

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For a minimal P100, the book, which Fangonon authored details how composting can be done right in our own backyards.

Fangonon has been composting for more than ten years. The compost which he produces, he uses on his plants, instead of using chemical fertilizers.

An introduction in the book says crops which grow in compost soil taste better and do not require too much flavoring when cooked.

Unlike the trend today where machines will be used, Fangonon said eco-composting does not require any machine but just the mundane task of segregation and allotment of a small space where soil and bio wastes may be dumped to allow decomposition.

In his book, Fangonon said segregation should not be limited to households. Those in the business district he said, should likewise learn to segregate.

The rain, or lack of it, likewise, is not a problem when composting.

Fangonon said as long as the compost pile has a good drain system, moisture which the rain provides will help hasten the presence of earthworms, which in turn increases decomposition of bio waste.

He also assured there is hardly any smell from decaying waste. He said as long as waste is properly ventilated, it hastens drying thus decreasing the possibility of leacheate production.

"Biodegradable waste is not garbage. It is nature's available resource to rejuvenate itself with the assistance of man. By emulating nature's composting process, we shall be able to efficiently and effectively address the disposal problem in a practical, inexpensive, easy and healthy way," Fangonon wrote.

Fangonon's book is available for sale at the Frecel news, market building, near the police outpost.

Fangonon may also be reached at 0910.732.7602.