WHEN the right man finds the right woman and when the right woman surrenders herself to the right man, both of them long for the union not merely of bodies but of souls...both yield to the call of love that surges between them!

Folks, I am not writing a sequel to the anthology of poetry of master of love poems, Rolando Carbonell. I am simply narrating an event to unfold at the vesper of the month of love. Jovy is the knight in shining armor and Glenda is the princess dwelling at the stamen of a flower.

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Glenda is our tourism staff member, while Jovy is the ace camera guy and editor of Leo Vision, a business venture on festival filming and documentary of all sorts managed by our friend, Gary Liza.

We were in the midst of shooting our project, "Rediscover Silay" a docu-drama on Silay history which highlights our early villages, the advent of Catholicism, the turning point at Cinco de Noviembre 1898, the golden age of sugar trading, the Japanese occupation, the evil of Martial Law, and the road to recovery.

Our weeks were busy. Our tasking was heavy. In the midst of all these, a relationship blossomed.

While Leo Vision and Silay Tourism Office staff members were in a hustle and bustle of tremendous pressure to finish a job, Jovy was able to spot our demure damsel who for a long time was in search for Mr. Right.

For Glenda, what struck her was frightfully nice. Both of them thought, "This is it...a beginning of friendship, of love...and their empty worlds turned into a lovely carousel where they felt their hearts beating faster and faster...in a hurry!

The whirlwind courtship took place on September 25 at the guest house of Solo Locsin, our best friend, our history consultant and birthday celebrator! The courtship episode was well documented by back-up cameras and the cheering staff. It was a blitzkrieg move from Jovy...daring and passionate. A magnificent persuasion!

The mesmerizing vision came true when Glenda said "Yes!" on September 27 (three days after the proposal). It took place in the parlor of Glenda's residence. And, the first social date happened on Oct. 5 at the sala of Armin Paredes (Armin's birthday). How cute! Jovy and Glenda were seated near each other. (And, probably, just holding hands.)

That was followed by a movie date at SM. We have no description for that. It was dark there. But, anyway, it turned out to be pleasant. We can just conclude by saying, "Remarkable!" No more, no less. Or, shall we say, "More!" On November 1, simply by following tradition, Jovy and Glenda visited Silay Public Cemetery, probably to inform also the departed members of their families that, "Here we are folks! It's now a go...go...go! At least, the "Others" will not be offended.

And, on November 5, there was a little misunderstanding between them. It's natural, guys! That is, if you follow my definition of love. "Love is a feeling between two hearts decorated with pity, quarrels and reconciliation." Of course, they were able to reconcile!

On the day before Christmas (Dec. 24), "pamalaye" (betrothal) took place. Jovy's parents, Cecilia and Virgilio, were there in Glenda's house "to ask the hand" of Glenda from Anacleto and Gloria. "No problem! Approved!" The exchange of vows was set. The date, Saturday - the 30th of January at the only Pro-Cathedral in Silay City. Reception will follow at Sen. Jose C. Locsin Cultural and Civic Center, the oldest cultural center constructed in the Philippines after World War II.

You see? In helping to "Rediscover Silay", they discover each other. And, what a discovery! It was explorative and tourism-friendly. Best wishes Jovy and Glenda! Greetings coming from Ninong Ver, Ninang Marissa, Ninang Susan, Ninang Alore, Ninong Rene, Cord Garry, Veil Solo, Veil Imak, Usherette Hope, Usherette Gege, MC Armin and MC Gerle and the rest of the hush puppies from Tourism-Community Affairs Kennel.

The love of Jovy and Glenda may not be the greatest blockbuster ever-written but this could be an engrossing emotional journey superbly told with a powerful sensitivity for human emotions. "Love deepens and mounts into an exhilarating crescendo bursting with ecstasy!" Break a leg! If you need assistance, just blow your horns!