Wednesday August 15, 2018

City mayor to create quick response team

THE Iloilo City Government will create a quick response team to strengthen the security measures and increase “police presence” around the city.

According to City Mayor Jose Espinosa III, the local police said that at present, “there is no organize crime” groups operating in the city.

As for recommendations to impede the crime to occur on the latter, he instructed to monitor robbery incidents especially those perpetrators who are riding-in-tandem.

“There should be random checkpoints all over the city and I think they are complying with the instructions coming from their office,” Espinosa said.

Part of the plan is also to heighten the police visibility as it “should be always a top priorities of the police and the city.”

In connection, the city government will build a quick emergency response team to be a multiplier for the effect of the police presence. This team will be under the city government.

He also mentioned that around 5 p.m. sometimes, the traffic bureau are lacking off already. To prevent further problems, Espinosa said they will implement some remedial measures with the said team.

The response team will be tasked to be on duty even after office hours.

At present, they are still in the process of organizing the quick response team since they are still in the process of purchasing two special patrol.

The team will also be coordinating with the city government’s customer care to address and cater all the problems. (Carolyn Jane Abello)