CONGRESSIONAL candidate Ricardo "Cano" Tan challenged Wednesday his political detractors to file a case within 48 hours against him to justify the issue that was thrown against him.

Tan belied issues hurled against him by his so called "political detractors" and instead tagged them as "all lies just to mislead the people of Bacolod."

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Tan had been criticized of his American citizenship but he refuted that he's not.

Tan said his family are already affected of the issue and "I want justice against the people who doesn't know how to respect the integrity of our family and the City of Bacolod."

Tan clarified that he's truly a Filipino citizen and is qualified to run for congressional post.

"I challenged my political detractors to come out, and file a disqualification case against me. I'm giving them 48 hours to do so, if they cannot file a case in the said issue, then we will know that ended my political detractors are the one who tell lies," he said.

Tan also belied the issue that his family is engaged in a drug business.

"I am strongly against drugs because I recognize it as a serious evil in our society, and I never involved in the procurement, sale, distributions or protection of the drug trade in the City of Bacolod. I vehemently and strongly deny this kind of issue" he pointed out, adding that the issue is floated each time he would run for public office.

"It's all lies and a black propaganda against my political career," stressed Tan, noting that if his political detractors can prove their claim he will withdraw his bid from his congressional bid. (Merlinda A. Pedrosa)