Wednesday August 15, 2018

Hiyas candidates push for tribe preservation

DAVAO. Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2018 candidates. (Contributed photo)

THE 11 candidates of the Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2018 pushed for their respective tribes’ culture preservation, particularly their language and traditions, during Friday's presentation to the media at Star Hotel, Mabini St., Davao City.

As millennials, these beauties representing their own tribal communities in the city are already exposed to the modern way of living.

They have also been educated in schools and universities in Davao City while others already belong to the working class of the city.

Despite these and their fluency in English and other non-native language, the candidates still want their culture preserved through proper education of the younger generation.

“Only the elders can communicate using our language. With this advocacy we can preserve our vivid identity,” said Bagobo Klata Hiyas Karen Joy Dowing whose advocacy is local language class and literacy for the younger generation of the Bagobo Klata tribe.

Lovern Jorich Bio (Bagobo-Tagabawa), Monera Mande (Matigsalug), Hanna Agujitas (Obu Manuvu), Juhaira Omar (Iranun), Nes-Ann Naraga (Kagan), and Rahma Musa (Tausug) also shared that they are advocating for culture and identity preservation.

Meanwhile, Ata Hiyas Chiary Balinan, being a resident of Paquibato District, Davao City felt that the negative impression of the investors regarding peace and security in their area might have dampened the interest of these investors to invest in Paquibato. Thus, she advocates for peace and development especially amongst the Atas in Paquibato.

“Kung walang peace, wala rin pong development na mangyayari,” Balinan said.

Maguindanaon Hiyas Norjanah Sirad and Sama Hiyas Tata Dolina Ambo, on the other hand, pushed against tribe and religious discrimination. Ambo added that they would want to be respected as human beings. With this, she hopes that her fellow Sama tribe members of the Sama tribe will be able to access education privilege without being discriminated.

Maranao Hiyas Sittie Aisha Salim said she would be advocating for peace and transparency. She also noted how she would help with the delivery of aid and livelihood projects for the Marawi siege victims.

Davao City Tourism Operations Office (CTOO) head Generose Tecson said they are holding the Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2018 earlier to allow the crowned princesses time to participate and be part of the later celebrations and event for the Kadayawan. The coronation will be on Aug. 11, Saturday, at Phil-Oil Flying V Event Center, Rizal Memorial Colleges (RMC), Lopez Jaena St., Davao City.

The crowned Hiyas will bring home P100,000 plus a P50,000 worth of support for the implementation of their project.

“The P50,000 amount will hopefully help them implement their projects. We will also monitor how the project runs and if there would be improvements, we will see and we might continue funding it,” Tecson said.

She added the Hiyas and two other princesses will also receive honoraria from CTOO after rendering at least 20 hours of related work with the office every month.