Saturday August 18, 2018

Bzzzzz: Conspiracy of conspiracies: a plot to kill Tomas, 'Counc Dave'

Cebu City Police Office Director Royina Garma (left) and Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmeña. (SunStar File)

[] Scrolling down, read about killers "imported" from Negros; PO3 Calumba's frequent transfers; the suspicion about a limping killer; whether the accusation of the mayor is propaganda and the claim of the police is cover-up; and the metaphors used by Lacson on federalism and charter change

Cebu City's highest official, Mayor Tomas Osmeña, who says the city is no longer safe, is publicizing on his Facebook wall the conspiracy theory among conspiracy theories: the threat to have him and Councilor Dave Tumulak killed.

Tomas has presented screenshot of messages purportedly sent him by unidentified persons. Parts of the warning: "...advise the mayor to be extra careful...(there are plans to kill) him and "counc dave tumulak." The conspiracy was allegedly executed "by a group of PO3 Calumba" (the cop shot dead by Tejero barangay councilor's driver-bodyguard) and "sanctioned" by regional and Cebu City police officials.

An added dramatic touch is the mayor's warning he had left copies of the text messages to a number of people who would disclose them in full in case anything would happen to him and "Counc Dave."


True or propaganda stuff

That would shore up the initial offensive of Mayor Tomas against the police theory that Calumba was ordered killed by Tomas supporter and Tejero Councilor Jessielou Cadungog who, the PNP says, is a "drug personality."

Cebu City police chief Royina Garma had said, Prove it; "puro kayo baka, baka," insinuations. Those text messages would still not be evidence. As Garma said, anyone could send sent messages to oneself.

The conspiracy, with the theory embellished here and there by netizens, is waged by a group of assassins "imported" from Negros and "sanctioned" by local police officials.

If true, what would that make of the PNP as the agency tasked to "protect and defend" the people? If propaganda, each side seems to be doing it: the police covering up a botched liquidation attempt and the mayor hitting back with the supposed rubout plot against him and his deputy mayor, on top of the alleged plan to kill Cadungog.


Calumba's posts-hopping

While police said PO3 Eugene Calumba was assigned at Cebu City's drug enforcement unit when he was shot dead by Tejero barangay councilor Jessielou Cadungog's driver-bodyguard, PNP record showed he was assigned at the traffic group.

Bureaucratic slip maybe but the error was crucial because it concerned where Calumba was and which unit he represented at the time he was killed. Why was a traffic cop tailing a drug suspect?

Then there's this oddity: Calumba on short stints in different places of assignment. He stayed in Negros (provincial police then regional police, 2011 to January this year). But since then he had been to Bacong in Negros, then to Cebu provincial police, then to Parian, Cebu City, later Calabarzon, again back to Cebu.

The frequent transfers are just coincidences, the police says. The suspicious see it as support to the allegation he was involved in a number of extrajudicial killings in many places.


Killer with a limp?

The killer who was described as itinerant also walked with a limp, according to those who push the theory that a number of recent EJKs were committed by one man.

The physical description was reportedly picked up from the viewing of CCTV footages.


Metaphors on federalism

Senator Ping Lacson Thursday (August 2) said the federalism proposal was dead in the Senate and the proposed charter change was just awaiting cremation.

After PCOO Mocha Uson's disastrous pitch for it in an online video, Lacson said Monday (August 6) "the ashes should be thrown far, far away from the Philippines 7,107 beautiful islands."

At the same time, Ping said the Uson factor "cemented" (the fate of) cha-cha and its main feature, the federal system. That would mix images of ashes being thrown into the wind and ashes mingling with cement and gravel on pavement.


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