The new decade has arrived and everyone at least must have set their goals or resolutions for 2010 as a way of kick-starting their plans for the decade.

For others, New Year resolutions or goals just don't quite hit the mark or even last long and for most of us, a rigorous planning and goal setting is called for as well, so we can ensure future successes.

Contemplating resolutions, I guess most athletes would want to be successful this year.

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They would also likewise hope for perfection in their field and of course being at the top, if not the "top" athlete of the year.

Then again, others may have resolved not to make a new year's resolution again. It is ironic that many athletes get demoralized when they cannot achieve their goals. Why is this so?

With all their best intentions in achieving their goals, their timing couldn't be better.

One probable cause is the huge amount of pressure they place on themselves year in and year out focusing on "what goals to set" rather than "how to accomplish the goals".

There are two common mistakes athletes tend to make when they set their goals. There are the thinking of what they "should do" instead of what they really "want", and what they should stop doing rather than what they can achieve.

These characteristics will invariably end up making them not fully committing themselves to their goals.

Commitment is what it takes to achieve goals. It is so basic that without commitment one cannot be motivated. Relatively speaking, commitment plus motivation stops "Failure", if one only sets a goal which he can commit to. Ironically, goals have the potentials to be very powerful.

This is because everyone has to have a goal. This is a well-recognized and acceptable practice to achieve success.

The achievement of every athlete's goal supported by external and the individual's internal motivation - the desire to succeed - makes the difference between success or failure.

Strong commitment to make changes is the start to that successful goal. Believe that you can accomplish what you have set out to do (and really desire it) bolster that belief and desire.