Roger Serna

Sounds and images

IT was like having the Press Freedom Week celebration, but the only difference is that the month was January. Press Freedom week is held every September.

I am referring to the wake of the late Press Secretary Cerge Remonde, which was set at the Malacañang sa Sugbo last Friday. Members of the Cebu media—print and broadcast—were there to say farewell to him.

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Somebody commented it was like a reunion. The problem was that it was a sad occasion. Once again, let me pray for Boss Cerge peaceful eternal rest.


Aside from Valentine’s Day, which lovers celebrate every February, the month also promises something colorful and exciting. The National Commission for Culture and the Arts will celebrate this year’s Philippine International Arts Festival “Ani ng Sining.”

There are seven flagship projects for this event. One is the “CineRehiyon 2,” a non-competition film festival. Ten regions from all over the country are featured. The event gives budding regional filmmakers the chance to showcase their unique culture through films that are set in their respective regions and shot in their own tongues.

I hope the films can be brought to Cebu so that film buffs can see them, appreciate and enjoy them.


Another flagship project, called “Sayaw Pinoy,” the dance festival, will reach out to the grassroots with the hope that in so doing so, it will lead to the discovery of new talents and connect to more dance artists.

“Tanghal,” the fourth National University and College Theater Festival, will highlight outstanding theater achievements of university-based theater groups.

“Archi(Types/Text): Architecture in Philippine Life” will feature eight different exhibits that “tackle landscape and urban planning, painting and photography, cinema and postcards.”

“Taboan: 2nd Phil. Writers Festival” (this will be held in Cebu from Feb. 10-12) involves panel discussions on translation, regional children’s literature, eco-literature, alternative publishing, writing for a living, writing ethnicity, and writers block, to name some.

The “Philippine International Visual Arts Festival 2010” will feature masterworks of renowned visual artists. Unfortunately, it will be held only at the Shangri-La Plaza in Mandaluyong City and Boracay Island.

“Organik Musik 2: Palay Bigas Kanin” will feature contemporary music artists like Cynthia Alexander, Junior Kilat, Sigaw ng Tundo, Radioactive Sago Project and Joey Ayala. It will be staged in key cities of the country. Keep posted.


Cebu artists showed professionalism in the highest level during the Sinulog festivities.

Anna Fegi, though nursing a fever, performed with gusto during the lunch break of the Sinulog grand parade. After her performance, though, she rushed backstage and threw up.

If not for the inside info, I would not have an inkling that Anna was not feeling well that day.

Asia’s diva Dulce, with her very powerful voice, could easily upstage Asia’s Queen of Songs Pilita Corrales in their duet during the finale of the grand parade. Dulce, the professional that she is, chose to control her voice and let Pilita also shine in the process. It was a duet, anyway.


The sign said: “My love is here (with an arrow pointing toward the girl who flashed the sign). Completing the message was: “Marry me.”

These were some of the posters carried by actor Enchong Dee’s fans while they tried hard to catch the attention of their idol, whom they could see behind the glass walls of Laguna Garden Café last Monday.

This was right after the Convergys-Bench Wear Your Dreams Campaign fashion show at the Ayala Terraces earlier that night.

Enchong is described as the dream ambassador. Aside from Enchong, the show also featured local models and good looking employees of the call center, of course, in Bench attires.

The second part featured Kris Lawrence, Kyla and Jay-R who belted fast numbers that encouraged the audience to dance.

We were not able to interview the singers as the stars were brought to the call center’s Banawa branch to enable those who are working to meet them.