Saturday August 18, 2018

Sangil: Halili-Morales or vice versa

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FEDERALISM is a special issue, but was trivialized by Malacanang’s Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson’s song and dance video that went viral. “Pepe-Dede-ralismo”. My macho friend Martin knows the slang meaning of “pepe” and “dede”. If these words are mentioned in front of women, surely they will say “ay bastos”. Uson should have considered that the draft for the constitutional change was studied and debated by learned people like former Supreme Court chief justice Reynato Puno, former Senate president Nene Pimentel and other luminaries and the subject shouldn’t have been treated lightly by “lewd, vulgar and filthy” language. So what if it provoked awareness about federalism? Ang bastos ay bastos.

Mocha’s Federalism song and dance is like a pebble thrown into a pond. Aside from provoking outrage from several senators and congressmen, there are possible repercussions to certain people. Now I remember my afternoon talks sometime ago with former President and now House of Representatives Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo aka GMA.

I queried her. Ma’m what’s next after Congress? In case you don’t know GMA is serving her last term in congress and may be succeeded by her favorite son, former vice governor and 2nd district Congressman Mikey Arroyo. Her response: “I hope there will be a charter change so I can stay in Congress”. But with charter change success getting so bleak, and according to Senator Ping Lacson, “charter change is already dead in the water”. And thanks to Mocha Uson, the federalism movement will be “cremated in the Senate and its ashes to be distributed all over the country”. My suggestion to Speaker Arroyo who regained her health (due to her daily dose of turmeric) that she run for a Senate seat. They need a better replacement to Tito Sen.


Yesterday’s SunStar banner story is the open declaration of Clark International Airport Corporation president Alexander S. Caugiran of his intention to be in the next year Angeles City mayoral race. He will be facing Vice-Mayor Bryan C. Nepomuceno, Councilor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin and possibly former Councilor Irineo “Bong” Alvaro.

Don’t place your bets yet. Between today until May next year many developments can still happen. The situation is still fluid. And same thing in the two other cities, San Fernando and Mabalacat.

There’s the clamor for former Oscar Rodriguez to engage incumbent Mayor Edwin “EdSa” Santiago and reclaim his seat. Rodriguez can be considered as one the best mayors the City of San Fernando had. He served with distinction his three terms, instituting a lot of reforms and the city’s growth was unprecedented.

Meanwhile, in Mabalacat City there is now a consolidation of forces in both Vice Mayor Christian Halili and former Mayor Boking Morales camps. Observers believe incumbent Mayor Cris Garbo in his first year in office was able to gain some followers. But the question is if the growth in the number of his followers is enough to trounce the Halili-Morales combination, or it can be Morales-Halili for all you know.