Wednesday August 15, 2018

Vicente: Labanan ng mandirigma

The Path

THEY say awareness is the key and in a world where violence is rampant, that might surprise you anytime and anywhere with no warning or sign.

This things don’t choose gender, status, etc. and being prepared to any scenarios when it occurs is an attitude and a character that everyone should possess.

Some resort to learning martial arts which is regarded as self-defense and prepare anyone from danger. With the right instructor and the right principle, a student of martial arts is introduced to the possibilities that one may encounter and the possible attitudes and actions that could be used for those said occurrences.

Although even with a knowledge in martial arts, no one can be excused against danger, but as they say, it’s better to know something than to be totally clueless on what to do in times of trouble.

This is what is being honed in learning martial arts. The most important lesson that a student must learn, more than anything else, is the attitude and the character because more than the skills in fighting, and without the proper attitude and character, it will fall useless in actual scenarios because of lapse in attitude and character whom a martial artists understands.

One of the fastest growing sports activities adapted from martial arts is knife fighting.

Allan Fami of Kalahi FMA organized this years “Labanan ng Mandirigma, Bladed Weapon Sparring Tournament” under the History Channel convention on August 11-12, 2018 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City that will feature knife sparring competition which will be participated by different martial artists wanting to try their skills.

Although knife fighting is incorporated in Filipino Martial Arts and other arts, there are less tournaments organized for this cause, using rubber knives and protective gears.

This complex art promises a bright future in the tournament circuit.

Knives are lethal weapon and parents would definitely not permit their kids to play with it because of the danger. With these kinds of activities, many could be educated and be more responsible on how to handle knives. So if you are around the area that time please do check out our competitors and show your support for our warriors.

Martial arts training boosts confidence, primarily more than anything else, by developing skills and adapting them into a warrior. At least by building in them the belief that they are equip with something if something happened rather than to be stunned with nothing to use when shocked by an attack, one of the exercises that boosts a martial arts students warrior ethos is training sparring and competition because it is the closest thing to the real “McCoy” as it can get, sports sparring is a thing because it exhumes the fighting spirit in a student with consideration of safety and respect for opponent that they are both in that situation because they both want to learn to be warriors and warriors they are for involving themselves in an activity to cultivate in them the readiness for danger for themselves and their love ones.