Wednesday August 15, 2018

Letter to the Editor: Sex and federalism

Sex sells. No doubt about it. From pornography to human anatomy, there will always be takers. So I am not surprised at all, when the female sexual organs, particularly the vagina and breasts are used to sell Federalism.

But here is the rub. There is really nothing sexy about the video. It in fact denigrated the great debate to sex and the actors' sexual organs. And I am not amused. Once again, the poster girl of the the President's policies reduced the proposal to change the political landscape to gutter vulgarity. Terribly obscene and a waste of taxpayer's money. Where it used to be that sexually-starved population would salivate and pay to view their gyrating bodies, it is now our hard-earned money being spent on such salacious advertisement.

But then again, what the purveyors of trash wants to achieve is to cater to a population tired of change and promises of a better life. While we are looking for a change of values, it has become difficult to be upright when there is hardly provisions for a decent life among the majority of Filipinos. When we are bombarded by scandalous acts for decades of the mighty and powerful, from politicians to members of the clergy, how can we expect our young to ever turn out to be decent and responsible adults?

One may even stop praying altogether when one sees the excesses of the lifestyle of the corrupt while the rest of us scramble over the scraps falling from the tables of their bacchanalian feasts. So we cheer, laugh and trivialize over our sufferings and of another. A girl is raped because she was wearing skimpy clothes. A school teacher gets life while a plunderer gets pardoned. When the so-called civil society are reduced to a raging blood-thirsty crowd calling for the liquidation of drug addicts like the old Roman empire.

The formula is quite simple really. Turn our attention to her body and away from the schemers out to turn Federalism into another failed attempt of social change. Dance away like Salome and have out heads cut-off. And most of us are helplessly falling for the trap, as we now read and hear of praises for her usual antics. But of all the body curves in this world, why hers? Tito Mora