WHAT: Plains & Prints x Mark Bumgarner trunk show, the third collaboration of the women’s RTW brand after Aranaz and Romoff. Mark Bumgarner presented his signature looks for the fashion brand using specially-printed fabrics that exuded a tropical vibe.

Where: Chimes flagship store

Who came to watch: The followers of the designer and the brand.

On collaborations, Plains & Prints owner Roxanne Farillas said, “We need to choose a designer who goes well with our design aesthetics, and Mark is a perfect designer who can actually bring out the best of the brand.”

“Each designer (who the brand collaborated with) has his own specialty. Mark is very good in terms of detail. He’s actually our favorite because he understands that Plains and Prints market wants detail. So that’s why this is the biggest collection we have ever done. This is a 13-piece capsule collection. Not only does it come in plains, it also comes in prints. For this collection, Mark designed his own fabric and we just executed it for him together with the silhouettes he wanted.”

Mark Bumgarner said of one of the prints, “The floral print is inspired by the Waling-Waling which is endemic to Mindanao. It’s rendered like it’s an oil painting, but if you look closer you can see the orchids. Another print is the Philippine bamboo which I incorporated with the Waling-Waling, and the green leaves prints are Anahaw. Everything is inspired by our local flowers and leaves because I wanted to keep it very Pinoy, very Filipino.”

Using the textile, the designer executed his modern yet classic and very feminine silhouettes.

“My signature look is the corseted top. It’s about cinching the waist and still has the flow of the draping all the way down to the sides, that’s very Mark Bumgarner.”

“The reason the collaboration was not so hard is because, technically, if you would make my brand ready to wear, it would be Plains and Prints. Working with Miss Roxanne, who I can call a Mark Bumgarner lady because of her timeless look, it shows with her brand as well. When I presented my collection, she approved it right away.”

“I am super honored to be invited to collaborate. I said yes within five minutes,” confessed the designer.

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