Saturday August 18, 2018

Levy P. Laus: One man, many hats


LEVY P. Laus is a man who wears many hats. He is a business primemover, community leader, and a long-time Rotarian.

The topnotch Kapampangan shared he takes great pride of the latter role, which he has carried for more than 40 years.

During the Rotary Club of San Fernando Pampanga’s recent regular meeting at the LausGroup Event Centre where he was welcomed as guest of honor and speaker, Laus said that his decision to join the club was fueled by his desire to help or as what Rotarians would put it, “create lasting change”.

“I have been a Rotarian as early as 1976 when I joined the Rotary Club of Guagua. At the time, I am coming from a civic youth organization, and I was determined to continue my works by joining a more dynamic group whose advocacies I also aim to pursue,” he said.

“I wanted to dedicate part of my life to serve and I found that the Rotary is a great venue where I can help transform the community and at the same time, have fellowship with like-minded people,” he added.

To date, he noted that he values the relationship he has gained through the years and he beams with joy as he recounts the many opportunities he has helped not only kabalens but also brothers and sisters from across the globe through the organization.

“I was privileged to become a Paul Harris fellow twice when I extended contributions that I know were put to good use. I feel honored to have helped support and fund the Rotary movement internationally. Our group’s sustainable projects and significant programs, I believe, were essential for a better and healthier future we all strive for,” he shared.

Moreover, Laus said that while helping the organization fulfill its mission, it has also helped him achieve his.

“I can still remember, when Mount Pinatubo erupted and devastated the province during the 90s, I spearheaded the Save San Fernando Movement, to save Pampanga during the catastrophic period, and my fellow Rotarians were right there with me all those times,” he expressed.

“As years go by, from time to time, I continue to seek support from them, for certain advocacies and efforts to uplift the countryside. My fellow Rotarians, I would say, are very active in supporting countryside development which is an equitable strategy to achieve our common pursuit of inclusive growth,” he furthered.

During the meeting, Laus also highlighted how his company, the Laus Group of Companies (LGC), has grown tremendously for the last four decades and why he is keen on giving back to the community.

Through an audio-visual presentation presentation, he shared that what first started as a small office in the City of San Fernando has now flourished into an empire of more than 50 auto dealerships located across Central and Northern Luzon.

He attributed the success of LGC from utmost perseverance and hardwork as well as sharing the blessings, which he said he wants his fellow Rotarians—most of whom are also notable businessmen and idealistic professionals—to take inspiration from.