Saturday August 18, 2018

BCPO recorded more than 11,000 firearms with expired licenses

THE Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) has recorded a total of 11,234 firearms with expired licenses.

Of the total number, 1,798 were possessed by juridical or those from security agencies for security guards and other corporations.

Chief Inspector Sherlock Gabana, public information officer of BCPO, said Thursday, August 9, that 19 of which are those firearms which licenses are pending for renewal.

"That means that gun holders have papers to show that they are processing the renewal of their gun licenses," he added.

On the campaign against loose firearms, BCPO records showed that seven firearms were already renewed and two loose firearms were surrendered to the police since the launching of “Tokhang Kontra Ginadumili-an nga Pusil” in Western Visayas on July 23.

The two surrendered firearms were from the areas of Police Stations 3 and 6.

Police Stations 4 and 8 have recorded two renewed firearms each while Police Station 6 has recorded three renewed firearms.

A total of 34 loose firearms were deposited through the deposit box placed in each police station from July 23 to August 9.

Of the total number, four were from the areas of Police Station 2, two from Police Station 3, 11 from Police Station 6, three from Police Station 7, eight from Police Station 8, four from Police Station 9, and two others were from persons whose addresses are unknown.

As to the number of unlicensed firearms per police station, Police Station 1 has 1,348; Police Station, 2,739; Police Station 3, 1,417; Police Station 4, 3,029; Police Station 5, 224; Police Station 1,637; Police Station 7, 1,041; Police Station 8, 1,177; Police Station 9, 247; and Police Station 10, 79.

BCPO also has recorded 296 unlicensed firearms whose gun holders cannot be located.

The renewal of firearms licenses should be done every three years.

Gabana said BCPO will implement the "iron hand approach," wherein policemen will apply search warrants or conduct raids against their targets who possessed loose firearms.

Last month, the Police Regional Office (PRO)-Western Visayas launched “Tokhang Kontra Ginadumili-an nga Pusil.”

Meanwhile, BCPO has confiscated one homemade firearm and recovered another homemade firearm and explosive from August 1 to 8.

Twelve firearms were also surrendered to them in eight days.

Five of which were high-powered and seven others were low-powered firearms.

Three operations were conducted which resulted in the arrest of three persons and filing of Republic Act 10591 or Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act. (GYM)