TUBURAN Mayor Cons-tancio Suezo III confirmed that Vice Gov. Gregorio Sanchez had asked for his support on the building of the training center in his private farm in Barangay San Juan, Tuburan.

He said Sanchez asked him for assistance on the road widening, and he provided some nipa to be used as roof and even fertilizers for the livelihood seminars.

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But the Tuburanons were never asked to attend to these seminars, he said, adding that the vice governor has been selective in his participants.


Suezo is now Sanchez’s political enemy in Tuburan. The vice governor even cited the entry of the Suezos to One Cebu as the primary reason he defected to another party, saying that the Suezos supported the Sugbuak, the attempt to break Cebu.

If Sanchez’s intention is to assist in the livelihood program, Suezo wanted to know why most of the participants were well-off.

Nobody from Tuburan was asked by Sanchez to join the seminar, he added.

“Daghan pobre sa Tuburan. Unya mao na’y livelihood? Basol ngano tabang ko ug hatag abono, after all gamiton lang. Buot- buot siya ug iya. (There are lots of people from Tuburan who need the livelihood program. I regretted why I helped him in the training center),” he told reporters.

Suezo joined Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia’s press conference yesterday at the governor’s office.

He also said the vice governor also maximized the training center as a political headquarters, a meeting place of some barangay leaders and barangay captains.

“That’s political. Candidates go there, political leaders and captains,” he added.

Sanchez, he added, has a habit of deception.

“Paglingla sa mga tawo. Kamo ra mutan-aw ana (That’s deceiving the public. You can see it for yourself),” he added.

Before it became a training center, Suezo said that it was where the band that Sanchez wanted to form usually rehearsed. Sanchez’s proposal to form a band was disapproved by the governor.


The training center was questioned after the In-sourcing and Outsourcing Committee of the Capitol asked seven of the vice governor’s employees to explain if they were actually working in his private farm in San Juan.

This led to the recommendation of the committee not to renew the contracts of four out of seven employees who were questioned after it was found out that they were mostly in Tuburan and have only reported every Monday to attend the flag ceremony. But the governor prefers to renew them, saying that they were just mere employees.

They already received their notice of assignment effective Jan. 27. They were re-assigned to the Provincial Agriculturist’s Office.


Suezo recalled that when he was elected mayor in 2007, the vice governor proposed to him to divide the 54 barangays in Tuburan. Citing that Sanchez’s plan was impossible and ridiculous, he did not agree.

He added that Sanchez wanted to control the other half of the barangays in their town. He also said that he did not gain the support of the barangay leaders overnight.

Sun.star Cebu tried to contact Sanchez, but failed.