Wednesday August 15, 2018

Fernandino youth pay tribute to local hero

PAMPANGA. Fernandino students commemorate the life of local hero Tiburcio Hilario through a speech choir competition held at the Robisons Starmills on August 8, 2018. (Photo by Princess Clea Arcellaz)

IN LINE with the forthcoming 165th birth anniversary of Tiburcio Hilario, high school students in the City of San Fernando paid tribute to the local hero through a speech choir recital held Wednesday, August 8, at Robinsons Starmills.

Students of Sindalan High School, Nuestra Señora Del Pilar High School, San Pablo Integrated School, San Agustin Integrated School, San Nicolas Integrated School, Maimpis Integrated School took the challenge of performing the piece entitled “Tiburcio Hilario Y Tuazon, Bayaning Fernandino,” written by Kapampangan poet Felix Garcia.

Through the recital of the piece, Fernandino youth creatively brought to life the sacrifices and bravery of the local hero who was born and raised in Barangay San Juan in this capital city on August 11, 1853.

This includes friendship with national hero Jose Rizal during the Spanish colonization, his civilian leadership as he was one of the first founders of Masonry in the Philippines, the fraternity which was the first organized vehicle of the Propaganda Movement, and his election as the military governor of Pampanga by the town presidents.

Mayor Edwin Santiago said the city government, City Tourism Office and Arts and Culture Council, continue to preserve and promote its history and culture by incorporating it to its developmental projects and inculcate to youth its value.

Veering from the traditional wreath laying ceremonies, Santiago said that the city government decided to step up the engagement of the youth in reliving the history and culture of San Fernando through the speech choir competition.

“While we will do the traditional wreath laying ceremony as a formal remembrance of our local hero Tiburcio Hilario, we also saw the possible impact of this kind of activity in ensuring that the youth will never forget the life, heroism and sacrifices of our heroes,” he said.

Moreover, Santiago also highlighted the use of the Kapampangan language throughout the activity, as well as the actual piece recited by the participants, as part of the local government’s goal to promote the use “amanung sisuan” (mother tongue).

“Our ‘amanung sisuan’ is our culture and heritage. This is what composes us as Fernandinos and we cannot be true Fernandinos if we cannot have this in our hearts and in our minds,” he said.

Meanwhile, awarded as champion in the speech choir competition was Sindalan High School, while Maimpis Integrated School and San Pablo Integrated School emerged as second and third placers, respectively.

The champion school will join the formal commemoration of the 165th birthdate of Hilario on August 11 at the Heroes Hall.