Saturday, September 22, 2018

Subang Sinugdanan: Kicking off the annual Kadayawan Festival

DAVAO. The 11 tribes barter goods with one another during the reenactment of the Subang Sinugdanan Panagtagbo at the Magsaysay Park, Davao City on Friday, August 10, 2018. The event kicked off the 33rd Kadayawan Festival. (Macky Lim)

IT IS Davao's most festive week of the year.

The locals and visitors would swarm to the city to witness awaited events such as Hiyas sa Kadayawan or Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan every August.

However, there are stories people should know about the Kadayawan to fully appreciate all the activities and be a part of the celebration.

More than fun, Kadayawan has a great story to tell to the younger generation.

Subang Sinugdanan Panagtagbo is one of the events that should be known to the people participating in the celebration. While it is the very first event of the week-long celebration, it shows why Davao City celebrates the Kadayawan Festival every year.

It is a reenactment of the convergence of the 11 tribes -- Kagan, Maguindanaon, M’ranao, Sama, Tausug, Iranun, Ata, Klata/ Giangan, Matigsalog, Ovu Manuvu, and Tagabawa -- at the banks of Davao River, which is a major trade route even before the Spaniards came. It is a cultural representation of the early trading that flourished in the place.

Last year, Subang Sinugdanan Panagtagbo’s venue was along the shore near Magsaysay Park, however, this year was different.

“Subang Sinugdanan should be held at the river in Bankerohan because it basically started there. But this time, we did not focus on the cruising but the convergence of the 11 tribes where the market or the trading had been a great part,” Arnold Duinete, Event Chair for Subang Sinugdanan Panagtagbo sa 33rd Kadayawan, said during an interview with SunStar Davao.

“For me, we should also value the reason behind the cruise, which paved way to the convergence, and that is trading,” he stated as he explained this year’s change of venue to Magsaysay Park on August 10, 2018 to give emphasis on the harmonious and peaceful economic trades of the Moros and Lumads in the earlier times.

This year’s reenactment was also the shortest compared to previous year, which only took up 20 to 25 minutes. Duinete described this as “a quick but detailed reenactment”.

During the reenactment, it showed how the Lumads and Moros traded goods with each other. They presented cultural dances to also show even in dance and music, there is harmony. It also recognized each tribe leaders with their Hiyas sa Kadayawan candidates.

It was a beautiful scene to see 11 different tribes with different beliefs and culture in one place, smiling at each other while selling or bartering goods in the Padian or the marketplace in the earlier times.

Perhaps civilizations of yesterday and today have thrived because these tribes constantly respect each other’s differences and celebrate commonalities.

The Subang Sinugdanan Panagtagbo is indeed an important part of the Kadayawan celebration that locals and visitors should never miss out.

Only by knowing the history will the Davaoaeños and Davaoeños at heart appreciate all the other activities prepared.