A MALACANANG official on Thursday denied accusations of Marlene Aguilar that the executive body is exerting force to remove her British husband Stephen Pollard from being a consultant in Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Deputy Presidential spokesperson Gary Olivar said the allegations of Marlene, mother Jason Ivler, were not surprising anymore as it came from a desperate mother who will do everything to protect his son and acquit him from mess.

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Ivler is suspect in the killing of Renato Victor Ebarle Jr., son of Undersecretary Renato Ebarle Sr. of the Office of the Presidential Chief of Staff.

Ebarle Jr. died in a shootout allegedly with Ivler during a traffic altercation in Quezon City last November 18.

“You know, a mother whose son is being implicated in a mess especially in such a big mess like this, we should not be surprised anymore if she (Marlene) will say anything just to protect her son and all for the sake of her son,” Olivar said in reaction to Marlene’s statements.

He brushed off Marlene’s claims calling it “absurd” and “far-fetched.” “Obviously this theory she is saying that the President is having a hand on this, this is very far-fetched and this is actually an absurd theory.”

He stressed that the ADB is an independent multilateral organization, which cannot be affected by its host country.

Despite Marlene’s tirade against the government, Olivar still appealed for sympathy for Marlene.

“Maybe let us give her a little understanding for what she is saying at this moment because his son was at risk in here,” he related.

He meanwhile emphasized that compassion should also be given to the family of Undersecretary Ebarle.

“At least, Mrs. Aguilar’s son is still alive while the son of Undersecretary Ebarle was dead. Let us give consideration to the condition of the two mothers,” Olivar said.

On the issue of alleged attempted homicide case against Ebarle Sr. filed by one businessman in 2007, which was retrieved by Marlene, Olivar said that such has no connection to the case of Marlene’s son.

“This obviously has no connection. At this point, he is a grieving and aggrieved father. This has nothing to do whatever may have happened to him in the past. Again, let us give understanding to the two mothers involved here and in that light we should consider their statement,” Olivar said.

Marlene has been charged with several cases in connection with the arrest of her son inside her home in Blue Ridge village, Quezon City last January 18.

Among these charges are: obstruction of justice, for allegedly providing the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) with false information about her son's whereabouts; complex crime of direct assault with frustrated murder; and, complex crime of direct assault for attempted murder.

Authorities are also considering filing charges against Pollard for allegedly harboring Ivler. (Jill Beltran/Sunnex)