I LOVE cooking as much as I love eating. When I cook, the taste and quality of my ingredients count as much as the care and effort I give when whipping up home-cooked dishes for my loved ones.

When choosing food products, more often than not we settle for something that seems to be the obvious choice, either because it is a popular brand or, if budget is an issue, it is the brand we can afford. Either choice does not necessarily mean they fully pass our standard.

Well, I have good news for discriminating cooks like me. If you're looking for quality food products that will surely enhance your dishes, go for the Genrev brand.

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It has the good taste you're looking for and is made of carefully selected quality ingredients. Plus it is affordable and comes in attractive and convenient packaging. Best of all, it is a Mindanao product.

Genrev Food Products started processing and manufacturing alamang in 1995 in General Santos City.

Fifteen years later, it is now the proud manufacturer of basic food products under three premium brands: TityMy, Best Cook, and Genrev. They are distributed not only in Gen. Santos, but also in Davao, Metro Manila, Visayas and the rest of Mindanao.

Genrev Food Products is owned by Ephraim and Myra Estrella of Davao City. I found out about Genrev when I saw Myra in our class reunion back in 2008, where she gave us samples of her products.

It was providential that I saw Myra in our batch reunion, because for a long time I had been looking for an alternative to the usual brand of alamang I buy at the supermarket.

Using the same brand over the years has left me yearning for something better than the usual.

I've since been using Best Cook Ginisang Bagoong in Corn Oil "specially fermented shrimp paste made from minute shrimp or krill" for my Pinakbet, Kare-kare, Binagoongang Baboy, and Guisadong Ampalaya. I like that it's tasty, not salty, and gives my dishes a satisfying taste. Best of all, it's cooked in healthful corn oil.

My other select choice is the TitaMy 100 percent Natural Sinamak, which I use to season my kinilaw and as a dip for Crispy Pata, Lumpia, Chicharon, even Lechon. It is an all-purpose sawsawan mixed with chili and other spices that give it just the right heat; even children can enjoy its goodness.

If you want the distinct taste of tuba, TitaMy Suka Tuba Hot & Spicy is your choice. Also ideal for kinilaw, it is the spicier alternative to Sinamak.

If you're not up to very spicy condiments, choose TitaMy Suka Tuba Pure. Both variants go quite well as a dip to grilled, roasted, steamed, or fried foods.

Those who do not use bagoong to season their Pinakbet will find TitaMy Fish Sauce a flavorful alternative. It also makes your eggplant, tomato and onion salad, as well as boiled or steamed okra, quite appetizing.

Apart from the TitaMy 100% Natural Sinamak, Sukang Tuba, and Fish Sauce, the TitaMy brand also carries Pure Tuba and Ginamos Appetizer. The Best Cook brand includes Cane Vinegar, Sukang Puti, Soy Sauce, and Iodized Salt. While the flagship brand, Genrev, also has Ginisang Bagoong, Special Alamang, Catsup, Nata De Coco, Kaong, and Healthy Sugar Muscovado.

Genrev is Halal certified and implements the Halal Assurance System. They also accept toll packing for selected food products and are open for distributorship all over the country. You can check out their complete product line at any of these contact details:

http://www.genrevproducts.com/index.php,info@genrevproducts.com, or at telefax (083) 380-3648 and (083) 552-8050.

Choosing the Genrev brands over the usual brands manufactured in Manila makes me feel good that I am supporting Mindanao products. But it is also good to know that Genrev is a finalist in the Product Innovator category of the 5th Yaman Gensan Awards of the Department of Trade and Industry Region 12 and the General Santos City Mayor's Office. That alone tells me that Genrev is a quality brand.

Genrev joins the short list of food brands that pass my standards. My criteria?

They must be friendly on my pocket, produced by a reputable manufacturer, and most importantly, they must taste and look good.

So next time you're in the supermarket, watch out for Genrev Food Products, and enjoy cooking your way to the hearts of your loved ones.