MARKED by accomplishments and performance, the Lobregat administration is one that is tried and tested and can be trusted.

This, as Mayor Celso Lobregat gave Thursday a full accounting of the events and gains that his administration confronted and achieved from 2007-1009 in what he termed as State of the City Report (SCR) delivered during the City Council’s maiden session for this year.

He stressed, “Ours is an administration of accomplishments and performance”, as he went on to enumerate one by one the achievements of the different departments under his leadership. “Ours is an administration that is tried and tested and definitely, it can be trusted.”

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Applauded 40 times, Lobregat’s SCR was received with a high rate of approval from the crowd that composed of barangay officials, business leaders, academicians, urban poor leaders, regional agency executives, and other sectoral representatives.

“Mayor Lobregat’s accomplishments are unsurpassed showing clearly how capable and efficient he is as a leader. His rivals in the 2010 elections should be ashamed”, a barangay head said.

A business leader said: “The mayor was talking with records to prove his worth. He is worthy of our continuous trust.”

An urban poor leader said: “Si oi kita na maga radio o le na maga periodico bien nuay gayot cosa ta hace si Mayor Lobregat, manada gane gale cosa ta hace si Mayor…” (How come, if we listen to the radio and read the newspapers, they say that Mayor Lobregat is not doing anything. The mayor’s report proves them wrong”).

Lobregat’s accounting highlighted his administrations sound fiscal management, his landmark accomplishment that enabled the implementation of the over P2 billion worth of infrastructure projects, continuous assistance and support to education, peace and order and health programs, hastening of social welfare services and that enabled the city to provide the benefits and privileges to the workers, the volunteers, and peace keepers.

“Having laid the foundation in the first years of our administration, our beloved City is continuing to reap the fruits of our labor with over P2 billion worth of projects with unprecedented grants and increases in pro-poor services, assistance and benefits to our constituents, increases in salaries, benefits and other remunerations for all City Hall employees, as well as increases in allowances and benefits for our barangay volunteers, teachers, policemen, firemen, and jailguards”, Lobregat reported.

Lobregat took the opportunity to reply to issues which his detractors have blown out of proportion through misinformation with the ultimate goal of swinging support to their side.

“Let us be unfazed by the hate campaign being waged by our critics, let us be wary of wolves disguised as lambs who will take advantage of every opportunity to confuse our constituents thru misinformation to further their personal interests”, the mayor lashed out his critics, who have started employing all strategies and tactics including some members of the media to organize, strategize and spread out propaganda.

Lobregat cited the record breaking collections and record breaking budget of the city.

“Since the start of our term in 2004, the City Government has sustained an increasing budget, reversed the trend of increasing Personnel Services (PS), and Maintenance Operating Expenses (MOOE) and increased Capital Outlay and Equipment--well within our goal to be able to accelerate the delivery of services and finance flagship projects.”

He continued: “In 2009, our annual budget increased to P1.708 billion. In 2010, we estimate another all time high budget of P1.907 billion.”

“When I was elected in 2004, the annual budget was P1.034 billion and in a matter of six (6) years as I end my second term the projected annual budget for 2010 is P1.907 billion or P873 million or 84 increase over the 2004 budget. This Ladies and Gentlemen, is no mean feat, something that has never been accomplished in any of the previous administrations. This is one of the main reasons why we have more than P2 billion worth of projects and still, have sizeable finances and resources ALL ALREADY APPROPRIATED FOR PROJECTS FOR THE FIRST YEARS OF THE NEXT TERM,” he said.

The implementation of infrastructure projects, the city’s support to peace and order and education, health and the huge funds intended for social welfare services are among the highlights of Lobregat’s state of the city report. (Sheila Covarrubias/City Hall PR)