IF YOU are wondering where you can get comfort food that is prepared right and in the Filipino way, then look no more.

There is a restaurant at The Gallery (a lifestyle center along Juan Luna Ave., Cebu City) that might just fit your taste.

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Boosog! Lasang Pinoy is a full-service, casual dining restaurant that, as the name suggests, serves their very own sumptuous brand of Filipino dishes.

“People come to a restaurant because of first, the price; second, the taste; and third, the quantity and ambiance. Here at Boosog, I think we were able to achieve all that,” shares owner Eddy Yap.

Now on to the food, shall we?

Their classic crispy pata may have health buffs struggling. There’s something about the way that it is prepared—the flavor seeps in the whole pork leg and not only outside the crispy skin. Pair a few bites of this with soy sauce, vinegar, and a little chili, and it’s perfect.

Sizzling sisig is another order you can never go wrong where food is concerned. Also, another common dish (which most consider a pretty healthy dish), you will find here is the pinakbet. A various toss up of vegetables, you can taste freshness and flavor with every mouthful.

The salmon head paksiw is one of the more interesting things on the menu. At first, you might think this one could take some time getting used to, but apparently it’s just as tasty as the other options on the menu. Served warm and tender, a forkful of the fish feels like the flesh is melting in your mouth. Another seafood that is similar is the squid in its ata (ink): juicy, sweet and very saucy.

Needless to say, this place is a rice eater’s haven. All these, plus unlimited plain rice, will make the meal complete.

Lastly, the mongo soup with seafood is a very tricky dish. In a sense that it plays with your mind and you may ask yourself: “Why would I order something so common?

Should I go for other choices instead?”

But no, their mongo soup is a must-try. It’s one of the creamiest mongo soup recipes made, and a bowlful alone can set you up for a good dining experience.

Not only is this place wonderful for families or groups of friends, but they also have a function room that can seat up to 45 people. That’s not counting yet the veranda that can accommodate another 45, and the al fresco area just in front of the restaurant.

So there you have it folks, even though you’re not really out on a “pig-out mission,” the food here still assures you that you leave the place with a full feeling—reasonable price, great food, relaxing environment.