Thursday, September 20, 2018

Ordinance on banning use of plastic straw hurdles first reading

THE Bacolod City Council approved on first reading a proposed ordinance prohibiting the distribution of plastic straws in the city.

The ordinance was authored by Councilor Wilson Gamboa Jr.

He said there are environmentally-friendly straws that can be used as an alternative to plastic straws such as made of paper, plant, vegetable and other natural products.

“The continuous using of plastic straws to sip in any kind of soda when irresponsibly dispose of, pose several hazards especially to health and to the environment,” he added.

Gamboa noted that the ordinance aims to eliminate the distribution of plastic straws will curb the amount of trash found in the city.

Gamboa said the use of eco-friendly materials such as paper, plant, vegetable, among others can save our marine resources severely affected by plastic waste, and the plastic straws contain materials that cannot easily be decomposed and thus brought environmental pollution.

Section 6 of the proposed ordinance stated that vending or selling, delivering or deploying and giving or distributing for any purpose of plastic straws, whether or not to be used for any kind of beverage is prohibited.

Section 7 of the proposed ordinance stated that subject to existing laws, rules, and regulations, any plastics straws found in violation to this Ordinance shall be confiscated and be deposed of in accordance to Republic Act 9003 or the "Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.”