Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sungduan: Batad Cleanup Day

Stand Up for Life

MORE efforts are being done to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of the famous village Batad in Banaue, Ifugao which is known for its beautiful rice terraces listed as Unesco World Heritage Site.

Lately, a cleanup drive was conducted in the area with more than 100 volunteers spearheaded by the Clean Up Movement Volunteers composed of backpackers, teachers, tour guides, and employees from both private and government offices from Banaue, Alfonso Lista, and other places.

Some personnel of Banaue Municipal Police Station led by SPO1 Benito also joined the cleanup drive on August 4.

Batad cleanup day proponent Hannah Geraldine Daguio said there is a need to protect the place which is considered as a treasure and a favorite destination of tourists both local and foreign.

At 6 a.m. sharp, the volunteers gathered at the Banaue Municipal Police Station then proceeded to Barangay Batad through sponsored jeepneys for a short program then orientation on what area they will clean.

The five groups assigned in specific location walked and picked rubbish. One team covered the Batad Junction until Hadjag. Another in Hdjag going to Batad Elementary School. Others went to Batad Elementary School going to the rice fields in Chung-Chung. The other team covered Ti-id until Babloy and Bocos. While another team conducted the clean-up activity at a river in Higib, top viewpoint and other places.

Some posters reminding everyone to maintain the cleanliness of Batad were also posted by the volunteers in different areas where everyone can easily read.

Batad, Banaue Brgy. Capt. Romeo Heppog hopes that all tourists who will visit their place will support their campaign to preserve and maintain the cleanliness of the place.

With the community taking the cudgel, volunteers supporting the campaign, and tourists respecting the environment, the amazing beauty of Batad will maintain and continue to be appreciated.

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