WHAT makes some candidates in the coming political exercise attractive to voters is the kind and nature of their advocacies.

How serious, sincere, and consistent they are with their stand on matters of general public interest measures the value of their candidacy.

But truth to tell, most of those who are offering their services to the people now do not show what kind of service or services they can perform. Which means that they do not have any serious advocacies that generate growth or development in the people they desire to serve.

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They filed their COCs simply because they want to be in possession of political power and influence. To achieve this, they plan to buy their way to the position they desire, that is, to pay the cost of their election, a master plan of corruption.

It is difficult to estimate what percentage of the men and women who filed their COCs for this year’s general elections have any solid thought of what they are campaigning for. Only God knows how noble their motive or motives are.

Of one thing I am certain of, because I have often heard it from candidates for local positions, there’s money to be had from the offices they seek. With such a motive, how can you expect to build a strong nation?

At any rate, among the candidates we have now for higher positions, there are few with truly worthwhile advocacies. Most, of course, vow to promote good governance to combat graft and corruption in public office and work for national development and progress.

These are political clichés that we have heard time and time again over the decades as part of the tally of promises that never find fulfillment during their term of office, if ever they succeed in hoodwinking the voters.

Among the few with truly worthwhile advocacies are Sen. Loren Legarda, who is running for vice president; JR Nereus Acosta of Bukidnon, who is running for senator; and another one who put out a paid advertisement for his advocacy on justice.

The Legarda advocacy focuses on climate change, an urgent global issue, and on urging local leaders to discourage illegal fishing and preempt environmental degradation.

The important point I wish to bring out here is the need for the electorate to look at what individual candidates stand for, what their motive are in seeking public positions, and what they really intend to do once elected.

It is important for the average voter to be aware of the need to choose candidates who can truly serve us, and not just for the sheer popularity and the financial capability to fund the campaign and buy votes.