Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Editorial: The tribe is our pride

THE celebration of the Kadayawan Festival goes beyond the bountiful harvest, it stretches to a deeper meaning: the 11 tribes of Davao.

The Lumads and Moros are the heart of the celebration, thus, acknowledging their great contribution in making the city what it is today and highlighting their rich culture and traditions are but fitting.

The city yesterday pulled off another successful Dula Kadayawan, a sportsfest for the Davao tribes that aim to revive their traditional games.

This event, which Davao City has been staging for several years now, is very unique and something that we, Dabawenyos, can be proud of.

This is a reflection of the city government’s huge effort and desire to truly showcase the 11 tribes, hence, educating the younger generations on the lumads' rich culture and traditions.

This year was touted as the biggest, grandest, and most festive tribal games in the festival’s history as not only the games of the Indigenous People were showcased but also the Moro games as well. Plus, spectators were encouraged to play the traditional games themselves.

Klata Tribe chieftain Marvin Domingo of Barangay Los Amigos, who has been active in the Dula Kadayawan since 2014, said they are elated by the attention being accorded to them by the city government.

"Dako among kalipay sa pagtagad sa city government sa amo nga mga lumad, labi na sa mga bag-ong tubo. Dako kini nga oportunidad (We are happy for this program that serves as a great opportunity for the young IPs)," he said in a phone interview with SunStar Davao.

Last Wednesday, SunStar Davao through its social media account toured its online followers through the Kadayawan Village giving them a glimpse on the interiors of the 11 houses of the tribes.

Now on its second year, the Kadayawan Village was strengthened to be a hub bringing the tribes' culture to forth, enabling Dabawenyos and visitors to get a picture and deeper understanding on the rich and humble homes of the Lumads and Moros.

The 11 recognized tribes of Davao who have been living in harmony amid cultural diversity is truly the pride of the city.

Kadayawan is all about Davao's bounty and wealth in culture. As we continue our merrymaking for the festival, may we become more than just revelers and tourists but Dabawenyos who are proud of our roots.