CEBU City Police Chief Patrocinio Comendador missed the point when he wondered why so much attention has been given to the arrest warrant issued against SPO1 Adonis Dumpit when his case is not unique.

Dumpit, who is accused of killing a 17-year-old suspected robber, has “disappeared” after the court issued the warrant and city policemen are said to be “still tracing” his

whereabouts after failing to find him in his house on Villagonzalo St.

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The failure of authorities to produce Dumpit has caused a minor uproar among some sectors and prompted the Office of the Ombudsman-Visayas to seek an explanation from CCPO officials.

Not ordinary

Comendador noted that Dumpit’s warrant is but one of the many that the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) is trying to serve on people wanted for different offenses---a rather weak attempt to downplay a questioned act.

The CCPO top gun knows Dumpit is no ordinary subject of an arrest warrant.

He is an active policeman who is conveniently on a leave of absence.

And he is no ordinary cop but one who earned both accolades and controversies for going hard, some will even say too hard, against suspected criminal elements.

When the court ordered him arrested for murder, a non-bailable offense, the first question that cropped up in the minds of many people is whether the long arm of the law could reach out to a policeman known for being tough and a sharpshooter.

Or which will prevail, the law or the special treatment of a “special” cop?

Not flattering

Comendador and the subpoena section of the CCPO may really be at loss on where to find Dumpit and they may really be busy serving arrest warrants on other people but the failure to produce the policeman did play into the special treatment angle.

That point is being compounded by Dumpit himself who, instead of cooling off by keeping silent, allowed himself to be interviewed by a reporter at a time when the CCPO said it does not know where the cop is.

That made some people believe CCPO people are either inept or in cahoots with Dumpit---something that, either way, is not flattering to them.