WHILE we enjoy our field of expertise as players coaches and spectators of sports, a bunch of smart bystanders drinking in "Aling Nena's sari-sari store" starts to comment on what they are viewing on TV, one says "hindi ba kalokohan yan? Papaluin nila yung bola tapos hahanapin nila para paluin ulit."

Talking about the sport of Golf, then another would comment "Wala yan! Mas matindi yung pag-aagawan yung iisang bola para ihagis lang papasok sa butas!" talking about the sport of basketball and the comments about different sports goes on and on and while another bottle is ordered for the smart group to continue with their rather odd but wondering ideas Aling Nena would change the channel to her favorite "telenovela" maybe tired of the odd geniuses discussion to the dismay of the costumers watching the game saying "Si Aling Nena talaga kill joy!" and Aling Nena in response would shout " Heh!!!! "andami ninyong pinagsasabing kung ano ano buti sila kumikita sa kalokohan nila, kayo perwisyo sa kalokohan nyo!."

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The comments of the bunch of drunkards maybe ignored but it is their consciousness and curiosity speaking and not the gin that was in their system, well maybe it has enhanced their questioning ability so to speak, but come to think of it the sport that we love is somewhat silly but we participate in it, not many people even those who has years of experience in sports could explain this silly questions to the seemingly odd sports that are being played, one attempt that I read from one article speaks of sports are not the silly actions in the court or the field but the athleticism shown in every game played.

Let us not get technical, athleticism is simply explained as those things or moves that astounds us, every now and then we see new moves performed by athletes, these maybe trained or meant but some just sprung in the moment that becomes a trend for the next competitions modified to perfection for more precise application. The human body is capable of so many things yet to be discovered and sports is the perfect avenue for this discoveries so it is not surprising why sports is one of the many areas scientist focus their attentions to regarding the study of the human body, looking into the science behind the exceptional attributes of known outstanding players dissecting everything about how the athlete performs and answering questions of How they do that? or how did that happen?

In synthesis, the understanding of sports lies in the understanding of the human being and his behavior, sports they say provides a release of natural aggression, the human nature of competition and or rivalry dates way back where the human being finds pleasure in vicarious physical rivalry some call this animalistic instinct.

For the information of everybody who is asking about the schedule of ARNIS and JUDO in the BBEAL here it is...


January 30 2010

- 7:30am - Official/ Unofficial Weigh-in for Labanan

- 8:00am - Opening Program

- 8:30 - Anyo Competition (Female labanan maybe played after the Anyo Competition)

January 31 2010

- 8:00am - Labanan Competition


January 30 2010

- 8:00 am Start of Weigh-in Official and Unofficial (with official entry)

- 2:00 pm Pairing

- 4:00 end of Official Weigh-in

January 31 2010

- 8:00 am Opening Program

- 8:00 Start of the tournament

- 12:00 - 1:00 pm lunch break

- 1:10 Tournament proper

- 4:00 - 5:00pm Awarding and Closing

Venue for the said events is at the Philippine Military Academy, come and watch the BBEAL games, admission is free.