WOMEN who work hard and are successful in their fields, women who love to travel and, women who know how to have fun. Three good friends—all born in the same month and year, threw a birthday bash inviting their cliques. Their groups weren’t hard to gather because everyone had something in common—the love for travel and dance.

Three July celebrants: educator Joji Ilagan-Bian, restaurateur Lena Benedicto and travel pro Bing Pasquil, kept their guest list short but their celebration loaded with merriment. They made sure the party essentials were present: good food, music to dance to and an overflowing of good vibes.

“These are the women we will grow old with,” declared the celebrants. And I can attest to that. I have seen this group of women glide across the dance floor of Fantasy, the ballroom dance hall in the mid-90s. They were all present that evening and can still execute their ball changes, shuffles, dips, spins and heel turns with grace to this day (throw in the YMCA dance moves).

The celebrants and their dearest friends know how to enjoy life on and off the dance floor. Trip the light fantastic (if I may say this hackneyed phrase) and travel the world then and now. These are the rules they abide to. And why not? Look at them now, time froze and they never aged a day.

And their birthday wishes? Lena and Bing both wish for less stress, a healthy family, peace and happiness, and Joji wishes for boundless blessings for myself, family, and businesses.

Happy birthday, ladies! Wishing you all the best, always.

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