Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mercado: Hukbo Ng Bayan

GOVERNOR Lilia Pineda’s political group “Kambilan” allied itself to Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte’s newly-minted Hugpong Ng Pagbabago (HNP)

Local “hukbo ng bayan” followers including the NPA and its derivatives, aging Huks and their collectors find it difficult to find sense in the surprise alliance.

The immediate purpose of HNP is to select and elect its candidates for the Senate election. Speaker Arroyo’s choice bet is the once folk hero Lito Lapid who never lost a Senate race under GMA’s tutelage.

Lapid who had piggybacked on his patron had enjoyed political benefits to the hilt, his son, too, former vice governor Mark. Lito is known as an unquestioning minion of GMA.

A story in his hometown retells Lapid’s loyalty to ex-President. GMA: Lito pagbigyan mo na ang kabalen natin. Mag-somersault ka at tumalon ng tulay sa Pampanga Day.” LL: Saan po Ma’am, sa Tulay Gumain o Calumpit bridge?”


A new “kabute” party, Partido Federal, has architect politician Andy Gulapa as Regional president. Gulapa has never proven his political mettle with failed attempts to win the mayoral seat of Candaba town.

“He should not involve the United Architects of the Philippines in his petty politicking,” a fresh graduate protested. “He can get government projects without politics.”


Mayor Sara’s Hugpong, with the help of regional “ hukbo” organizations will win the Senate majority that makes impeachment of her father impossible.... Her allies will be used to elect Marcos Jr. president who will be kind in treatment of Mr. Duerte’s “transgressions.” ....There’s little to fear by members of Kambilan, etc. that the choices of official local candidates will require decision of the national Hq.


Rep. Rimpy Bondoc, NP, whose party is allied to Hugpong will or may not be asked to withdraw his candidacy in favour of VG Dennis Pineda whose mother is head of the monolithic aggrupation.


Of his advanced age, Brgy. Chairman Carmelo Lazatin is not letting a day pass without working for his goal to win City Hall. I have underestimated the Kong several campaigns ago, but this time he could be the man to beat. He is awash with moolah to last two campaigns, I heard. What will he do with all his money? “Why, put them to work,” he told me decades ago.....I was amused by CSF councilor Angie Hizon as she tried to practice on a tri-wheeler cab in a squatters area. A lady councilor plying a pedicab, what a great gimmick!

It will surprise Fernandinos to see senorita Angie pedalling a humble trike. To even the score, Vice Mayor Jimmy Lazatin may reinvent his own campaign by driving an old calesa around town. People will mistake him for a returning absentee landlord.