Saturday, September 22, 2018

Gingoog City welcomes Gaisano commercial mall

GINGOOG City Mayor Marie Guingona has welcomed the Gaisano Grand Group of Companies as they enter the business sector of Gingoog City by establishing a 2-storey commercial mall in the city.

The commercial mall will be constructed in the 5-hectare business district located along the National Highway in Barangay 20, Gingoog City.

The mall will consist of the department store, supermarket, cinemas, recreation park, and spacious parking space.

"With the advent of this prestigious mall, a vivid scenario of domino effect in our socio-economic sector will be experienced by the majority," Guingona said.

"Transport sector will benefit, market vendors will earn more, boarding houses and bed bed spaces will sprout, employment will generate, revenues will increase, local economy will boom," she added.

The city mayor said that with the entry of Gaisano Grand, the consuming public of Gingoog City will not be the only ones who will benefit but also those who are living along Gingoog Bay area, those in the nearest towns, and even those in Camiguin.

"Gaisano's entry is definitely an economic boom to our city," Guingona said.

The labor sector of the city will also be benefited as a number of local workers will be hired which translates for family income and material sustenance for two years as an estimated duration of its construction.

The management of Grand Gaisano, meanwhile, has poured multi-million financial investments in Gingoog City.

According to the company's feasibility study, the city has pacific status on peace and order, has transparent and good financial housekeeping, implements business-friendliness, and is potential for the mall's return of investment.