WHEN travelling, choosing well your airline is as important as preparing your itinerary. Mainly because a huge part of making your travel, whether for business or leisure, hassle and stress-free is your airline.

Last month, I flew to Singapore for a work and play trip. It was my first international flight, so I wanted it to be memorable in a good way, and it was. Thanks to Singapore Tourism Board and SilkAir.

The 5-day Singapore tour I had last July 26 to 30 was a trip of firsts for me. Aside from it was my first time in Singapore, it was also my first experience with SilkAir.

My experience with the airline was same with how their brand campaign goes: A joy to fly.

The whole flight, I recall, was seamless and enjoyable from check-in to touchdown. Luggage allowance is quite generous at 30 kilograms for economy passengers. Friendly and accommodating cabin crew is given. But what I enjoyed most during my flight was the inflight Asian cuisine meal. I love most the dessert (Three chocolate coated vanilla flavoured ice cream) by the way.

Flying with Asia’s most awarded regional airline - SilkAir - is always a good choice. My Singapore trip was superb but I felt that there are still more the country has to offer and I should explore and discover it soon with friends and families.

SilkAir is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines.